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Foodiegram includes a social community aspect, where users can share photos and videos of their plated food and suggest restaurant recommendations with each other, which helps create a sense of community and engagement among its users.


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Our mission

Foodiegram is a values-based company driven by our mission “to empower its users and businesses to create the best food and drink experiences.” Our proposition is to revolutionize the foodie industry by providing a one-stop-shop application for  foodies globally.

Audience Targeting

Foodies worldwide. We don’t exclude users who love taking pictures and videos of their experiences with beverages. Foodie is the umbrella term for all things food and drink-related.

User-Friendly Interface

We are a foodie app that has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly and easily find the content they’re looking for, whether it’s a menu item, restaurant review, or cooking tip.

Foodiegram for Businesses

Foodiegram improves customer experience for businesses by allowing customers to easily view menus, see nearby restaurants, post experiences, and provide feedback and ratings

FG Business: Advanced Reporting

Foodiegram provides businesses with valuable data analytics, such as customer behavior, purchase patterns, and popular menu items, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and improve their operations.

Used by over 10,000 brands all over the world

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…and many more

“Realizing the untapped potential of mobile messaging and e-mails, we launched a product designed to power the future of how brands scale personalized experiences.”

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

CEO of Framer

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